Called to be His Masterpiece

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Called to be His Masterpiece


This past week the sad story was told of a 19th century fresco named “Ecce Homo”, painted by the Spanish Artist Elias Garcia Martinez. It was a painting of Jesus with his crown of thorns. The painting was donated to a small Spanish church in 2010. It had some deterioration, so an elderly lady from the church thought she would help out by trying to restore it herself. Though she had good heart intentions, her attempts to restore it went wrong. She tried painting back in some details that were lost through ages; instead she completely changed the look of the painting. The beauty the original artist intended to display was now lost.

In like manner other examples of fine artistry are tampered with daily around the globe. The Bible says that God created each of us and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139

Each of us is a unique piece of artistry created by God and we are all beautiful in His sight. Yet how many of us see imperfections in each other, things we think are just not quite right, and we also with good intentions try to restore others into the image we think God intended them to look like. We judge each others looks, actions, thoughts and even motives. We set about on a mission to change others until they meet our satisfaction.

If we see things in others that we believe need to be changed, let us go to their Creator and ours and pray on their behalf. Put trust in the fact that God is not finished yet with His children. He works daily in our lives, calling us forth to be His Masterpiece. Our part is to display the love and character of our Lord before them, and to extend a helping hand in time of need.

Lets pray: Dear Father, Work in our hearts that we may see your handiwork in the lives of others. Teach us how to pray one for another, that we may be healed and come into the fullness of what you have for each of our lives. Teach us not to judge each other, but to love and encourage one another unto good works. Show us how to model You before others.

In Jesus Name We Pray, Amen



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