Why The Bible?

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Why the Bible?
Throughout human history there has always been those who have sought to control and manipulate others. They have delighted in forcing their wills upon other people. One way of accomplishing this is by controlling the information people can receive.  This is the reason for the burning of books-you eliminate all other sources of information you can then feed the people just what you want them to hear.
The Bible has always been the first book chosen to be heaped upon the fire. Most every dictator and despot in the entire world has chosen to burn the Bible, ban the Bible, confiscate the Bible or just make it near impossible for their people to read the Bible.

Let us ask the question, Why the Bible?

The Bible is God’s inspired Word and it is truth. For a lie to prosper, truth must be withheld. Those who would enslave others are accountable only unto themselves. They realize that the Bible brings accountability into the earth, showing to all men that they are accountable unto God.If people realize that truth, their lives may be controlled by evil leaders or they may be manipulated by those stronger than themselves. In truth, their hearts can never, ever be enslaved by another.If the Bible is powerful enough to be both a millstone around a dictator’s neck, and at the same time a sure foundation on which our lives are to be built, shouldn’t we be reading its wisdom and following its guidance on a daily basis?

The Bible has stood as a shield of truth in the earth, holding back the lies and deceptions of all who would seek to control the destinies of others.

Let's Pray

Dear Father,
               This day put a renewed love within our hearts for your precious words. Let us hide them in our hearts so that we would not sin against you. May we be so exposed to the truth of your word, that we would never fall to the deceptions of evil men or governments. May our hearts always experience true liberty in you. We ask these things in the name of your son, and our Savior, Jesus. Amen

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