The Smiles on their faces

Besides Still Waters

Last night as I watched the movie Quo Vatis, my attention was once again captured by the smiles on the faces of the Christians facing death. It has been several years since I last saw the movie; yet it had the same effect on me now as it did back then.

For those who have never seen this 1951 classic, it deals with the persecution of the Christians during the reign of the Roman Emperor, Nero. As a young boy I saw the Christians with smiles on their faces as they waited in the arena to be attacked by the lions. They sang a hymn to God and looked like they were seeing into heaven even as the lions were coming after them. I wondered then, and now, would my faith be strong enough to face death for my Lord and to do so with such peace?

When looking at my life today another question pops into my mind. Is my faith strong enough that I can have peace and have a smile on my face as I live my Christian faith in this world of rising animosity toward Christians? I really have come to believe that it takes greater faith to live for Jesus than to die for Him.

Certainly Our Lord gives grace to those who are about to face martyrdom and certainly He gives grace to us daily to live this life we are privileged to be living.

Let’s enjoy His abundant grace for us today and thank Him for the sacrifice He has made on our behalf.

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