Live in the Garden of His Presence

Women of the Light

“Come with Me yourselves into a quiet place and get some rest.”  Mark 6:31

A scene unfolded as I sat quietly meditating on the above verse. There was Jesus, dressed comfortably in jeans and a tunic style shirt. He was welcoming me into His garden. We held hands and walked awhile commenting about the variety of plants, trees, and flowing beauties. Then we reclined in a double wide lounge chair, still holding hands. As we closed our eyes we pictured Abba, Father God, in a type of throne room setting except He was also reclining on a big lounge chair.

Though I knew it was the Father, what I saw was a HUGE heart on the chair.

The resting heart of Father God pulses like waves … wave after wave of His love splashing on us all day long and into the night hours.

You and I can live in the garden of His presence. And with Him, the Master Gardener, we can touch lives at the various stages of growth as He leads and shows us how. The revelation I experienced was that “kingdom work is not labor intensive – everything flows from resting in intimacy.” I need to take time to rest in and with Presence of my Savior and my Abba no matter how pressing the “to do” list may feel…. No matter what the clock says – in a sense – because Father God knows how to multiply time or to make it stand still.

I pray you journeyed with me and this meditation touched your heart today. Remember, Jesus can express Himself in many ways to His own so that we might “experience” truth.  Enjoy His great love for you. Rest secure in it always. You will be amazed at the lives you will touch with His love from a quiet place of intimacy with Him..

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