First Week in Germany

We have been in Germany for a little over a week.  It has been very cold here in the natural; but the warmth of the love we feel from our German brothers and sisters is wonderful.  We are connecting this time on a more personal, day to day life level.  It is very good and very much of the leading of the Father’s heart.  One lady said to us, ” the people have a relationship with you and so they feel safe and comfortable to share their life with you and to know that you love them and are truly here for them.” 

Here is an album which highlights some of  last several days. For a larger view and to be able to read the captions click on the picture. It will open up to you a site with arrows for you to navigate back and forth through the pictures.  This is My first time “imbedding” a slide show so….grace please…:)


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