The weekend events and today

Over the weekend we enjoyed visiting with others.  We had a chance on Saturday to come together with the Johann’s and set some plans down in our calendars.  We are invited to many places to simply “be” with the people and we are enjoying this very much.  Saturday night we had dinner with a family from the church who own a farm which raises organic chicken, food, and also other animals.  it was night and we didn’t have a chance to look at the farm but we certainly enjoyed a delicious dinner in their cozy farm house.  Sunday morning Randy taught from the Sower sows the Word text and brought out many thought provoking insights concerning the heart.  As a Christian do we let our hearts be filled with the Word of God or do we fill our hearts with other things that take its place.  Many responded to the message and wanted prayer afterwards.  Randy is really flowing powerfully in his giftings here and I am enjoying watching.  My part is to pray as the Spirit leads or to connect on a personal level in friendship.  It is all wonderful.   After church and a light lunch we were invited to a walk in a park where there are animals to visit. Then we went to a birthday party and then ended the evening with a visit with Peter and Anke. Today we had breakfast in the village Anke grew up in and with a dear couple from the Elisha church.

Click here to view a few pictures.  Some told us the slide show was not available to them without a flash player..hope this helps.

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