Perfectly Timed Messages


The Elijah Church has grown from its infancy in 2005 to become a wonderful family of believers. Many who have been added to the body since then had not heard the foundational teaching “Coming Home to the Father’s Love”, that I shared in Pastor’s Peter and Anke’s home years ago. Elijah Church was founded on the truth of the Father’s love for His children, and the body needed a refresher course in His Love for them.

As in any church, there are people with different levels of maturity and commitment to the things of God. The message “Let the Word Grow”, based on the parable of the sower, urged people to read God’s word, the Bible, and to let it grow within their hearts until it produced fruit in their lives. Then they were exhorted to share that word with others that it might grow within their hearts also.

I had never preached a message on “The Ascension of Christ”, but this German holiday gave me the opportunity to share a clear outline of Jesus’ mission here on earth.

“Patience” rounded up the teachings, and hopefully gave some wisdom and understanding to these precious saints.

The closing message was a father’s exhortation to his family to walk in love one to another. It was an emotional time both for Marie and I and for the Elijah Church Family as we never know when we will get to see each other again.  To God be the Glory for all that was done.    



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