Prayer Walking


Basically this was a hidden work the physical world didn’t notice, but in the spiritual realm great warfare was done and battles were won for the Glory of our Savior Jesus.

In brief, Pastor Peter and some of the men of the Elijah Church, along with myself, went to strategic locations within the Holstein region of northern Germany, and prayed cleansing prayers over the cursed land. This region has been witness to the spilling of innocent blood down through the centuries, and the land has been defiled. In the name of Jesus we remitted the sins committed there going back to the first act of violence or witchcraft and we reclaimed the territory for the Kingdom of God and for our King, Jesus.

We called forth the Goodness of God to be poured out on the region and on its people and for the revival of the Holy Spirit to come.

We look forward to seeing the fruit of these prayers manifested in Holstein.


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