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The Germany Report
A Time for New Life
Spring 2013 
In this Issue:
Dear Marie,
How do we share with you what three weeks in northern German looked like?  Pictures? Yes, but we’d like to try to put into words those times and events that were orchestrated perfectly by the Holy Spirit.

Hamburg Airport
PERFECT! This single word sums up the Germany mission 2013 trip.

All our flight arrangements and luggage care was perfect going and coming home. We even watched a couple of good movies and I won my first ever “electronic” solitaire game. : )

Storks nesting
Springtime=Perfect Time

We arrived just as Spring was beginning to show off. Every tree, flower, and field was breathing new life and pointing the way to New Beginnings that would take place in the hearts of many over the three weeks.

Peter interpreted every word and action!
Perfectly Timed Messages

We “happened” to be in Germany for Ascension Day. Celebrating Jesus’ ascension into heaven. All businesses in Germany were closed. The churches were open!  Randy gave the message that morning. He also taught on three Sunday mornings and one special Saturday evening. These were timely messages for the Elijah Church body of believers! To Read More about these messages
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People waiting for prayer.
Perfectly Patient People

Ministry times to individuals were detailed and orchestrated by the Holy Spirit to meet deep needs for healing, repentance, restoration, forgiveness, and more. People were willing to wait up to nearly two hours to receive prayer ministry after each service.

Holger& Petra
Perfectly Timed Encounters

The at times spontaneous, and at other times carefully planned encounters with individuals, families, and couples brought us into an even greater personal relationship with the people. We met with them over a home made meal, at breakfast in a coffee shop, on an outing to the zoo, or sipping tea and eating cake in someone’s home. In some cases misconceptions or past hurts from “clergy” were wonderfully healed as they enjoyed us just being “normal” people.  Two people came to know Jesus as their Savior as His love and grace was shared. To view a collage of faces
Open this

Me and some of the girls
Two Women of the Light times..

PERFECTLY FUN! One night the youth group split in half.  The girls and I had a super fun time in Daddy God’s presence and they all got “happy feet” as they were anointed as Joshua generation girls commissioned to carry His love to others.
The next night women showed up from all over the area and then some.  Thirty ‘hungry for His Presence’ ladies worshiped with A Capella voices that the angels themselves must have enjoyed.  Another powerful evening with the King!  If you haven’t already seen the collage of the ladies gathering
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Randy and the “boys”

The same night I was enjoying the “girls” Randy was connecting perfectly with the “boys” in times of unscripted but Spirit lead sharing. To read more about this Click Here


Praying at an historic site
Perfect timing for Prayer Walking

Randy and Pastor Peter, and then both of them with men from the men’s prayer group, spent time in key places in the Schleswig-Holstein state. They  prayed for the remitting of sins in prominent cities, towns, and villages…repenting for the sins of murder, witchcraft, idolatry, ungodliness, and persecution to the Jews at specific locations.  To learn more about the history of this area click the link below.

To Read more details written by Randy href=”” shape=”rect”>Click here

One Last Perfectly Wonderful News

Randy’s book, My Special Gift, is in the process of being translated into German!  A wonderful lady had it on her heart to take on this project. Along with a couple of other people who will help in editing, there will be a German edition of the book. BESIDES THAT…The youth group (really this group includes youthful 20 year-olds who just love the Lord and their church family,) wants to create a Christmas play from the content of

My Special Gift!   Now isn’t that perfectly special.

Amazon Kindle version of My Special Gift

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The Elijah family!

Thanks again to all of you here in the USA and you folks in Germany who made this 2013 Mission to
Germany possible and so rich with memories. We trust that there is and will be much fruit for the glory of the Father from the threes wonderful weeks we spent in Germany.

A copy of the church banner was made and presented to us!

Thanks for enjoying our news,
and Marie Smith

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