Archive: July, 2013

“Poor Me”

  Have you ever met a person with a “poor me” attitude? Or, dare I ask, have you ever wallowed in self pity? Reading the fifth Chapter of John the other day I saw the familiar story of the Bethesda healing pool in a new light..  Jesus came upon the scene.  Many invalids are waiting […]

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“Go, Doubting Nothing”

  “Then the Spirit told me to go with them, doubting nothing” Acts 11:2 Peter declares this as he explains some rather odd behavior to a contentious crowd. Please click the link to enjoy the whole story:  Acts 10:1-11:18 The Apostle Peter is one of my Bible heroes.  At times I gravitate to the people […]

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Happy Birthday America!

  ! Randy Writes: Years ago our founding Fathers invested all they had into the forming of this great nation. They didn’t know whether their efforts would be successful or not. Many died and never even got to see our first victories during the revolutionary war. Some did live and got to see this country […]

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