“Poor Me”

Have you ever met a person with a “poor me” attitude? Or, dare I ask, have you ever wallowed in self pity? Reading the fifth Chapter of John the other day I saw the familiar story of the Bethesda healing pool in a new light..  Jesus came upon the scene.  Many invalids are waiting for the water to stir.  It is a lottery type scene.  First one in gets healed.  Everyone is looking at the water – not recognizing that Jesus is in their midst. (selah)

Only one man was on Jesus’ radar. The nameless one had been paralyzed for 38 years.  Jesus, who was following His Dad’s leading again that day, asked the man a SIMPLE question. Listen: “Do you want to be healed?” All Jesus was looking for was a simple,”YES! Instead the man wrapped his “poor Me” blanket around himself tightly and began to explain why he never gets healed: “No one cares enough to help me.”  “Someone else always gets blessed with healing but not me.”

Let’s fast forward to your situation.  Jesus is still asking simple questions to you. “Do you want to be healed of your pain, your hurts, your bitterness, your rejection, your pride, your sickness, your grief, and the list goes on and on….  Lift up your eyes and shed that poor me crippling attitude and SIMPLY look at Jesus and say “YES”!  Let Him show you His way of deliverance from years of being paralyzed by debilitating fears and “poor me” skinny faith. Jesus is obviously always interested in bringing His healing love to each of us.

BTW Jesus did heal that man at the pools edge. If you haven’t read the rest of that story click here to find out the ending. You may hear Jesus saying in essence, “Oy Vey”

Let’s Pray: “Jesus I repent of any “Poor Me” attitude I have nursed that has kept me from simply receiving your love, forgiveness, healing and deliverance needed.  Today I say “yes Lord” I want to be one who receives all you have for me and I will be sure to give YOU the praise  and the glory.”

Healing update:  Today I was supplied with a bone stimulating product.  It looks like a small cell phone that I can put in a pocket or hang on a belt. It is attached by small wires to a couple of patches on my skin near the area of the fracture. I will wear this as many hours a day/night as possible for the next four weeks. It is not cumbersome at all, an easy “pill” to swallow. LOL   There has been healing going on but I needed this device to enhance or stimulate bone growth so that my collar bone will be strong again, maybe even stronger.

Thanks be unto the Lord for the continued prayers, laying on of hands, grace to exercise my right arm that I could barely move several weeks ago, and His special healing anointing at the July Women of the Light gathering. I can type this out with no pain today and I am back to cooking, cleaning, laundry etc…. And I am happy about this????  : ) YES! FULL restoration of two strong arms to hold my future grandtwins and my almost 3years old “grand” Paige. Every day I say YES to Jesus My Healer!  How about YOU?

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