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A New Chariot for Randy and Marie and Feed My Lambs Ministries.

Dear Friends, Family, and Ministry Partners,
Meet our new replacement vehicle! A 2005 Town and Country limited edition is, as prophesied to us, SEVEN times better than the van that we lost in the accident!  It is  light gold in color and glorious! All the “bells and whistles” and in beautiful condition! Way below KBB price too!  A new chariot(as one friend called it) for us to carry Father’s love to the lambs He wants us to feed!  We are blessed!  The ministry is blessed! Some of you sowed financially  into this need and we are very grateful!! Most of you have been praying for us so diligently in this season.  Thank you very much!  I am still healing, but looking forward to being able to drive again.
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We came very close to settling for a similar van at a dealership.  That van had a few strange noises and definitely nothing glorious about it. And, we didn’t have the Lord’s peace about the price,
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Our son Alex in Georgia, was working with us via cell phone calls giving us great suggestions and insights about vehicles and dealerships.When we told him that we finally decided we really wanted another van he started to do some investigating…..

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He opened up Auto Trader online and found this perfect-for-us van being sold by the owners for a great price. We met with the people yesterday, came home and prayed, and just knew this van  was a blessing from the Lord for us.!
Today two of our board members who live here in FL drove us to pick up the van.  They agreed it is a great van for a great price.  It comes with all the repair records from the former owners. It has a new set of Cooper tires with only 7,000 miles use. Praise the Lord!Our kids are happy to see us in a big safe car again. We know it was not the “Turquoise Miracle” ,as we named the first van, that saved us from perishing on May 25th but the Angels of the Lord worked with it that’s for sure!  : )  And It was a Miracle that my injuries were “minor” : )Rejoice with us!  We will be in great shape to get to Texas in October to greet and help care for our grand-twins that are going to make their debut!  And, we can now move about the country as the Lord leads to minister to the one or the many!

Love and Blessings and may all your needs be abundantly met by your loving Father God.

Randy & Marie Feed My Lambs Ministries & Women of the Light

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