Suffering Christians


Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings. 1 Peter 5:8-10


The above scripture on suffering has become more real to me over the last several weeks.  As a result, my heart has intentionally turned to praying more for others I know who are suffering in pain and sickness. However,  the phrase “Knowing that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings” – became more real to me today. (Understand, I am in NO way comparing my recent trials to the tragic events suffered by these saints.)
As I turned off my Nook Tablet for the night there was a news report that caught my eye. “78 Christians killed in Pakistan”.  This morning I had to do a separate SEARCH to find that report among newsworthy articles today.  The count is up to 81 with 10 or more people in critical condition. DON”T STOP READING, please!  Two suicide bombers walked into a Christian church as people were leaving.  The victims – mostly women and children, choir members and worshipers.  They had gathered Sunday morning, exercising their legal right as a minority group to do so.  Click Here to read report

Waves of grief sweep over me as I write.  Such suffering. Such pain. And, do you know that more than Half of that which is happening to Christians around the world we NEVER, ever hear about, or the events are judged as barely newsworthy.

Mark my word! The sleeping giant of the Christian Church here in America and in other God fearing nations must awaken and awaken now and throw off our complacency and blinders to what is happening around the world.  The voice and blood of the modern day martyrs are crying out .  Pray saints, pray for your brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering such unthinkable persecutions for their faith – while we often pick and choose if we will go to church Sunday, reach out to our neighbors in love, or sit around and lick our own wounds and magnify our own “sufferings”.

Am I stirred up this morning? YES!!!  Am I moved towards the bigger picture… of the suffering  of my brothers and sisters around the world?  Yes I am.!!!  If we think  that persecution for our faith in Jesus will not come to our borders we are living as blind men and women whose faith will become shipwrecked at the first sign of trouble.  And if we reap what we sow….who will pray for YOU in your hour of testing???

Will you pray with me?
Father in heaven, have mercy!  Forgive my self-centered-ness and my lack of intercession for the the sufferings and persecutions of Your children around the world.  Let my prayer become more current – more global in nature… forgetting what has been on my list of petitions for myself and my circle of acquaintances – but reaching out now for the safety, protection, healing, provision, strength, comfort,  and steadfastness in the faith for Your persecuted bride – your slandered and slaughtered children.  Help us all to stand armed in your armor and be watch-men and women on the wall. Laying down my life for the cause of Jesus may be right around the corner.  But for now, help me to have the courage to live fearlessly FOR Jesus!  Amen.  And, let me not cease to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem!

I pray this stirs your heart to intercession for the Body of Christ worldwide!!!

AND… if you are not a Christian reading this and thinking you will be more safe in the day of trouble….let me tell you there is a bigger picture at stake!  The day of trouble for Christians will be a cake walk compared to the eternity of hell for the sinner who refuses to repent and trust in Jesus for eternal salvation.  Heaven and Hell are both real!  Every one who dies in the Faith KNOWS for certain they will live for evermore in Glory.  It will not be so for the unrepented and self-assured who think they do not need God – Jesus’ love was expressed in His own death for you to be able to be reconciled to a just and loving Father. If you want to know more about reconnecting your life to the ONE who made you… don’t hesitate to write or call us. We love you too much to mince words in this hour!

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