He Changes Not


I just bet you are a little like me.  When you read the Bible you hear Father God speaking so positively over His kids, most of the time. I was reading Genesis 15 today. To Abraham He said, “I am your shield, your abundant compensation, and your reward shall be exceedingly great”.(AMP) Wow! Then I got to thinking about some of the not so great things Abraham did along his journey. Still, He is called the Father of faith! Some of the “stunts” he pulled were …how shall I say it? Bad choices? 

Come and Follow me now as I share the picture Father painted for me as I reflected on the Word.
“Rejoice, I heard Him say, rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice.”  We are to rejoice in the fact that God is who He says He is to us and always will be… He Changes Not”  he doesn’t change His plans and purposes when a person steps off the path.  He doesn’t get nervous because He knows who He is and He knows His love for us.  He always sees us on the straight and narrow even when, for a season, it may look like we have chosen the wide path of destruction.
None of His kids are perfect but He is perfecting us with His love and He stays consistent in our inconsistencies.  He knew where and when Abraham would fall, when Moses would stumble, when Peter would run from the truth, and Paul would run into the truth.  It is all before His eyes. He doesn’t  miss a trick.  But He does remain steadfast and unmovable in His selection of the ones who will stand out and stand before Him in surrendered obedience to His ways and them He will truly honor and be their shield and their exceeding great reward.
I pray you are tremendously encouraged today and deeply appreciative of being so loved by
 Father God who changes not in His love for you and His plans and purposes.  He is the Faithful One, Glorify His Name!
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