Do it by the Specs

FRESH BREAD reflections

“The glory of the Lord entered the temple through the gate facing east. Then the Spirit lifted me up and brought me into the inner court and the glory of the Lord filled the temple.” EZ 43:4-5
I started something new in my morning quiet time. I randomly open my Bible and read a couple of chapters.  Today’s lot fell on Ezekiel chapters 41-43.  What a record of exact measurements for the building of the temple.  Only when it was build according to “specs”  

would the glory of God enter and fill the temple.  As I meditated I sensed the Holy Spirit begin to speak these words and I felt

 encouraged to share them with you. 

“As it was with the building of the temple, so it is with the building of your temple. When things are in the right place…when obedience to My
specific instructions has been done I am well pleased and even eager to flood you with My glory; the glory that will cover and fill you. This is not just for your pleasure (I know how much you love my presence); but it is also for My glory to be expressed in the earth that I must have yielded temples…people who are truly willing to live life according to My “specs”. Then the glory falls, then the glory rests on a person, a home, a group of people, a building, a township or even a country.  I am the God of specifics; though I am ever merciful and forgiving, I have a specific plan for each life – how, where, when, it is to be lived out. When My children truly seek to do things My way there is no difficulty in their being able to walk in My glory.
Share this, Let people know that I am not haphazard or scattered in My plans and purposes in their lives.  I do have clear direction to the one who will listen and obey.”

His Shepherd Girl – Marie Smith

I trust that you are hungry for His glory to be manifested more and more in your life. Now you have a key.

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