Today I opened my Bible to the book of Hosea.  Please read Hosea chapters 5-7

The word ACKNOWLEDGE stood out to me in two verses:

“Let us acknowledge the Lord: let us press on to acknowledge Him. 6:3
“I desire mercy, not sacrifice and acknowledgement of God rather than
burnt offerings:” 6:6

Here’s Websters definition of ACKNOWLEDGE : to admit, recognize as true or valid, to accept the authority, to certify legally, to state the receipt of…as to acknowledge a gift.

As I thought on this I sensed these words from Father’s heart. “Oh that My people that are called by My Name would truly acknowledge Me… recognize My love for them and receive all My wisdom, correction, and guidance in these days of great challenges, personally and globally.  If only mankind would acknowledge My ability to save and deliver.  Acknowledge My holiness.”

Here’s my heart’s cry and prayer… maybe it is yours too.

“Lord forgive me for not giving you FULL acknowledgement of your authority and right to be sought first and for most for wisdom and direction in every manner of my life.  Today I press on to acknowledge – to admit and recognize that with out you I cannot move forward in your will… I acknowledge and acquiesce to your authority in my life.”

As I prayed through these thoughts for a while I found dozens upon dozens of attributes of  our loving God and Father.   Oh how my spirit soared… Your’s will too. Why not take a minute while reading this to “acknowledge” even a few of His wonderful gifts.
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