Goose Bumps or Not



His Word IS a Lamp! As I read Romans 8: 5-8 I saw those scriptures on a deeper level. Paul writes simply that those who choose to live in accordance or agreement with the Holy Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. And then the mind that is controlled by the Spirit experiences life and peace. He goes on to say that since the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead lives in us, He will give life to our mortal bodies. Please stop and think about the ramifications of this Word.

My response to this might become yours – “Father, I know you have given me free will and I can freely will to not be lead by your Holy Spirit in me because you never force love, obedience, or faith… However, I would be nuts to not see from your Word that your Holy Spirit in me is available and desirous of being in control of my mind, so that I may live in life and peace. And, my mortal body is also given life. Your life, Jesus!

I realize then, that because of the Holy Spirit taking up residence in me I live in the ABIDING Presence of God . I don’t have to work it up or pray it in… It is YOU and You live in me and I am never without Your Presence.”

We have presence of mind always that gives us the wisdom we need and the understanding required at any moment in time. As believers, we are fully inhabited by God. Therefore sickness, disease, loss of strength mentally or physically is not our portion. If it is the same Spirit who raised a totally slain and dead Jesus from death and the grave and hell itself, who now lives in us, what can prevent us from being totally alive in Him who has given us everything needed for life and holiness?

I asked the Lord to show me how to think on these things and to live my life accordingly. Here’s what I believe I heard Him say. See if this resounds in your spirit and applies to where you are today, it was a Fresh Bread encouragement to me.

“When you ask Me to reveal Myself more to you I make My Word come alive in your spirit and in your mind. I show you levels of truth that you have only touched on in the past but are now seeing more clearly. It is time to go deeper in Me and into the truths in My Word; for they are life and health to you! My Word truly lights your way and gives you an anchor to hold on to in rough waters, and clear stepping stones to walk onto that will lead you to the next moment and place in time.”

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