July Sharing The Father’s Heart


First of All…..
Anke and Peter at the Venice beach
Thank you for your prayers for Pastor Peter and Anke in the last few weeks. Their flights to and fro and the days here were a wonderful display of Father God’s great love!!
The May Women of the Light gathering was thrilled to have Anke with us. Click Here to enjoy a few snapshots of that event.
A huge thanks also to those of you who blessed them with your hospitality, kindness, prayer times, gifts, and donations. And thanks to the generosity of FMLM partners we had ample funds for great meals, abundant fruit, small road trips for shopping or sight seeing, etc. All was covered wonderfully! We miss them dearly but it won’t be long till we are living in Germany for three months!

Click Here for a picture album of the Johann’s visit.

Sharing Father’s Heart – A word spoken to us…

Marie and I have been seeking the Father’s heart concerning this upcoming mission to Germany. He had already spoken to me that this trip would be strategic, and He has recently given added insight concerning this trip. Let me share His comments with you.

“Germany is not of your choosing but of Mine. You didn’t stumble upon it by accident. I am sending you both there for My purposes. You have always wanted My purposes to be worked in and through your lives, and so they are. Much fruit is still to be harvested and produced through your lives. Your willingness to “Come Follow Me” allows your very life to be strategic in my hands. Your Germany trip is strategic because I am placing you into My purposes. Like a plant placed into the right soil, given the right amount of water and sunlight will produce a beautiful bloom, so you both are being positioned to bloom within My kingdom.”

These kind words from our Father along with a few very important personal admonitions have provided much encouragement to us as we prepare to go to Germany in September.
Reporting and Giving Opportunity….

We are thrilled to report that the finances needed for this trip are coming in wonderfully. We have not yet met our goals but we are confident that the Lord has us covered. We are so thankful to those of you who are listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit and are praying for us. Prayer avails much!

If you would like to contribute financially you may do so through a tax deductible gift made through the….. Pay Pal Donate link on www.feedmylambsministries.org Or, Send a tax deductible check to Feed My Lambs Ministries via our mailing address below. Please write: “Germany” in the memo.

It’s good to know that people are actively praying daily for us now as we prepare spiritually, physically, and financially for our missionary “Outreach of Love” to Germany in the fall. We will send out emails with updates regarding specific prayer needs to prayer partners. Of course news and reflections will be sent to all of you. Since our last mailing we now have thirty-two signed up so far to partner with us in prayer. We are believing for One Hundred! Please let us know if you want your name on the Prayer Partner list.

Please keep in mind this is a “Strategic” Missionary venture.

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” 2 Cor. 13:14
Love and Blessings
Randy and Marie
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