“Choose rest over anxiety
  Choose faith over believing a lie
  Choose Truth
  Choose Love
  Choose peace
  Choose righteousness, health, wisdom, abundance.”
 ” Choose always My Kingdom over the kingdom of darkness that has no authority
unless you bow to that king who can only rule his kingdom by deception – counterfeits and
mirages;all of which fade away in the light of the Glory, the Truth, and the Authority
of My Word.”
  “Choose life over death
  Choose joy over sorrow
  Choose My Word over the words of the evil one.
“This day, rejoice in knowing you are abundantly loved and cared for by Me and
nothing of the kingdom of darkness can touch you if you refuse to open the door
to his tormenting pressures to believe his lies.”

“Choose whom you will serve today, whom you will entrust your life to.

   “Choose Victory over defeat.”
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