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 “Much fruit is still to be harvested and produced through your lives. Your willingness to “Come Follow Me” allows your very life to be strategic in my hands.” Jesus spoke these words to us a couple months ago.  It is hard to believe that we are finally on our way to Germany.
Almost packed. Blessed by so many with prayer, offerings, and opportunities to share…
Our church, New Life Venice, invited us to minister on last  Wednesday night to tell the people about our heart for missions and especially Germany.  If you would like to watch this service click the link below. The date was August 27th

FINANCIAL GIVING information – many have asked..


Some of you who are FML Ministry Family supporters and give regularly to the ministry as well as some of you who may want to connect with us for this Germany outreach, or become a Ministry Family Member, have asked us how donations will be handled while we are in Germany.

We will still be able to receive your love offerings at the same Post Office Box address here in Florida while we are gone.

A trusted friend will check our P.O. Box  and deposit the offerings, which we will then be able to access as needed  towards our expenses in Germany. Thank the Lord for online banking.  If you are new to the ministry and feel the Holy Spirit leading you to give… the P.O. address is below and PayPal is available through our website.

You can also stay connected with us through our ministry Facebook page and the updates we will send via email.  You may still sign up to be a Prayer Partner for this mission trip.  We will be sending separate, time sensitive prayer needs to our Prayer Partners. Please let us know with even a brief “got it” note that you received and read the prayer request.  Your prayer partnership is vital. Also we trust that if something comes up in your prayer time that Holy Spirit lets you know to share with us…PLEASE email us. Thanks!
Lastly: We never want to be intrusive to your “in box. We send out three different types of emails occasionally.  Our Newsletter, Our Reflections (Beside Still Waters or Fresh Bread) and Prayer Partner requests (only sent to the people who signed up).  If you would NOT want to be included in any of these mailing PLEASE LET US KNOW! We never want to impinge on your time or take advantage of your friendship and love.
OK, that’s it for now.  The next news will come from Germany once we settle in.  (they are six hours ahead of the east coast time of USA, FYI)
Praying Friends: Please pray: Great Strength and Health for the journey, safety on roads and in the air.  All flights to be ON TIME and all luggage to arrive with us, and Most of All: Our eyes and ears and hearts to be open to the Father’s heart to the One or to the multitude. Opportunities to share His love in the power of Jesus’ Name, by the leading of the Holy Spirit.
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Thank you for YOUR love and prayers and financial support.

You may forward this email to people you know who might like to connect with us.Thanks!


Randy and Marie Smith
Feed My Lambs Ministries

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