Deutchland Report #1



Germany Report #1 – September 8th,


First of all!!!  Praise the Lord who heard and answered your prayers for the travel portion of this Mission Trip!  All flights were on time and we were able to check our heavy carry-on bags for free along with our checked luggage all the way from Tampa to Hamburg.


The flight was full as all the Airlines seem to have sardine thinking now – a -days.

We were met at the airport in Hamburg by a group of warm greeters!!  “willkommen”  they shouted and hugged us tightly. One of the teen girls,  Michal. presented me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Randy was thrilled that his friend, Tommy, who restores old cars had picked us up in his 1987 Mercedes car for the ride home.


Words can’t really express the favor we felt from the Father as we were lead into our apartment!  You have to see the pictures to enjoy the impact.(link below)  So many of you prayed “Favor” over us before we left and we are receiving. We got unpacked, rested some, and then went to the Johanns for a delicious dinner that first day.


The jet lag thing isn’t too bad.  We are sleeping well and have time to rest when we are tired.

Walking the streets of Bad Bramstedt has been fun as we reacquaint ourselves to this familiar village, the shops, the historical buildings, areas, and the new Aldi grocery store only a few minutes from our home. Refrigerators, as you can see in the picture are small.  So we buy only what we will eat over a couple of days. I like it actually.


 Friday night both of us attended separate men’s and ladies groups where the Glory of the Lord was tangibly experienced! Sunday we reconnected with the Elijah Church.  Wonderful time in the Lord. Many youth attend and they are on fire for Jesus!
Today we began our language studies. Pastor Anke is very patient and a knowledgeable teacher. We began by learning letter sounds and some common words. It will be a challenge and we are praying for supernatural language learning.  LOL
The weather has been surprisingly wonderful.  Sunny and warm.  Our friends think it is because we needed to slide into the cold weather slowly and Father has given us all this gift.  Glory to His Name.  Today, however,  there was a hint of coolness in the air.
Thank you again for your love and prayers… we will keep you posted as we are able.  We just got our own internet connection in our apartment thanks to a dear brother from the church that came over and got us connected to the main house WiFi.  Sooooo we Skyped with our Granddaughter Paige who turned 4 today!! Thank God for technology.
We will keep you posted as we are able. It will take a while to settle in and learn the area, The names of the food, how to cook certain items, and what gets recycled and where exactly!  It is a science here.
Here is a link to our first days.   Some first days pictures
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