Archive: October, 2014


  There is nothing like knowing you are smack dab in Father’s will. We love the knowing that comes with abiding in Him. He’s not interested in our “having” to perform for man.  We love that we live for an audience of ONE! Try this lifestyle on for size.  You will enjoy the fit.

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Deutchland Report #2

Rhiner is a “Special Needs” person who invited everyone he knew to celebrate his 60th birthday. As a result people who had not seen each other for a while had an opportunity to reconnect.  The Elisha Church hosted this party for this dear brother.  Randy gave one of the best and most “spirited” messages ever! […]

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Fruit or No Fruit?

    ” Produce fruit in keeping with repentance” Matthew 3:8 When the Pharisees and the Sadducees came to out to where John was baptizing he looked at them and called them a “brood of vipers.” Yikes! He clearly was pointing out that for all their so called religious repentance, they were just putting on […]

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