Newsletter #3 Germany

The days here are flying fast now. But we wanted to answer your question, “So what’s been going on over there in Deutschland?”

One on One
A lot happens around the kitchen table or in the coffee cafe. The more connected we got with the people, the more special times of One on One or
More happened. In these times we had Deutsche lessons with Pastor Anke, with the Dressler family, or with others, simply out of wanting to understand each other as we visited in our apartment or their homes, or when we walked, shopped, or toured

the Tier Park in Neumunster aka the zoo.

We have been able to bless others now and then with a warm meal or by running errands for them with the car we have been given to use here.

Special Dates and Historical Times

Reformation Day celebrations – October 31-November 1
Pastor Ulf Peter always wanted to go to the historic places connected to Martin Luther. Our being here was just the push he needed to make this dream

happen for the three of us. How awesome to climb the many stairs to the Wartburg Castle in Eisenach Deutschland. It was here that Luther was hidden from those who wanted to kill him. It was here that he spent years translating the Bible into German. We toured this castle, stayed overnight in the village, and then left the next morning for Wittenberg where Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of the town church,exposing the practice of paying for indulgences as a way to be assured of entrance into heaven,
Imagine walking the streets where earth shattering historical events took place. Incredible! Never did Randy or I imagine we would personally have this experience.

On this journey we realized that we were traveling through the former Russian occupied East Germany. Peter shared some of the history of that terrible season and how the people were turned totally away from faith in God and to this day there is much need to Evangelize the East. This year the nation celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Berlin wall coming down. November 9, 2014… And we were in Germany! We are praying sincerely for the spiritual walls here to also come down, that all might experience the Father’s love demonstrated in His Son Jesus, and come to repentance, experience salvation, and a loving relationship with Him.

Click here for a link to our photo album of this trip… and a few unrelated pictures to enjoy. Hopefully : )

Special Ministry Times

Besides ministering at the Elijah church, other doors have opened to us in this season.

*The CCN church in Neumunster invited us to share . Randy gave a powerfuly encouraging message followed by a long time of speaking prophetically to many who came forward to respond to the teaching. We were both kept busy praying for the many who were just hungry for more of God in their life.

* We joined a group of business people in Kiel for their monthly after- hours prayer gathering. Here we prayed with them, for them, and for their city, their businesses, the people, and for their needs. They received us warmly and let us pray for each one personally and they prayed for us!

* Wedding time! This couple waited for us to come to Deutschland for Randy to conduct their formal church wedding. So, November 9th was the date of great celebration for them and the whole Elijah church family.

Randy, Marie, Melanie, Klaus Peter, Pastor Anke, Pastor Ulf Peter

* Ministered to a home church group of young men in Norderstedt. We worshiped and prayed together and then we shared our testimony and blessed each one with Papa’s love. FUN!

* On another evening we were invited to join a small group of business people at the location of the Hartung Company. The owners open rooms for the Spokane Washington Healing Rooms ministry. Together with their teams many lives are blessed. On this evening we simply joined several of them for group prayer, intercession, worship, and a delicious dinner. The Holy Spirit moved in such a way that we ended up being the recipient of Prophetic words and prayer. The timing for this ministry was perfect. Just the refreshing we were needing.! In the end we were given a complete tour of the warehouses, the offices, meeting rooms, and more… clearly the Lord has built this “house” as it speaks of His Glory from end to end. Click on the word Hartung above, to visit this site.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and help that made this trip possible.
Could you be re-energized for another week or so as we will be traveling again some distances to minister in a home church on November 26th. We will spend the night and wake up Thursday thanking the Lord on Thanksgiving Day for all He is and has done. We only want Him to be glorified.

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“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” 2 Co

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