See the Real Me

Recently I read of the death of Donna Douglas. If that name is unfamiliar to you, you might remember her as the actress that played Elle May Clampet on the show “The Beverly Hillbillies”. She will be remembered as the pretty country girl who loved her critters. I will never remember her that way, for I was fortunate enough to see the “Real Donna Douglas”.
Donna Douglas was a committed Christian and after her acting career was over she attended the Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow,Oklahoma. She had a heart for hurting people and she wanted to see them healed in Jesus’ Name.

She was a regular volunteer at the Rhema Healing School, reaching out to those who were sick. She would teach and then pray for those in need of healing.

We lived in Tulsa during that time and our friends had a ten year old daughter, Amy, who was fighting cancer. They would take her to the healing school for prayer. Marie and I loved that family and were believing with them for a miracle.

We visited Amy at the hospital over in Oklahoma City which was ninety miles away. When we went in the room, there sitting on the bed with little Amy was Donna Douglas. She was combing Amy’s hair and attending to her with gentle compassion. Donna loved that child, and many others just like her. Donna helped at many Christian Children’s homes, and I am sure her compassion only grew over the years.

I was fortunate to get to know the Real Donna Douglas, to see God’s love coming forth from her heart.

My prayer is:

Father help me to receive the fullness of your love, and help me Jesus to let that love flow freely out to others. Holy Spirit, please guide me in all I say and do, that I may cause no hurt to others. May all be able to See the Real Me, the person I am becoming through your daily help,and may they be attracted to your love within my heart. AMEN

Be blessed this year and may others experience God’s love through knowing you.

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