Archive: February, 2015

Right Path?

A Fresh Bread word from Father’s Heart. “There is a path that seems right but it is a counterfeit of My true path and My true directions. Seek first My kingdom and My righteousness and I will lead you by My light and My truth. Fear not the things of the past having the ability […]

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Beware of the Gator

Behind where we live is a large pond and like many ponds in the state of Florida, it has alligators. There is a large gator of around seven or eight feet in length that loves to come up onto our back yard to warm itself in the Florida Sunshine. Most people have birds, dogs, or […]

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Be fully pursuaded

Fresh Bread. “The advancement of My Kingdom is at hand. Be fully armed with My armor. Be fully persuaded with My love and My truth. Keep the eyes of your heart open to see and to hear My voice.”

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