Beware of the Gator

Behind where we live is a large pond and like many ponds in the state of Florida, it has alligators. There is a large gator of around seven or eight feet in length that loves to come up onto our back yard to warm itself in the Florida Sunshine.

Most people have birds, dogs, or cats for their amusement, we have a big fat gator instead. We observe “Big Boy” or “Big Gal” as the case may be from the comfort of our living room, and no closer.

I have noticed a Blue Hereon come and fly by and land within six feet of this gator. I then noticed a white Ibis bird do the same thing. This pond is around an acre and a half in size yet these birds choose to land close beside this gator.

I wonder, do they have a death wish, or are they taunting the gator, showing that they are not afraid of him?

I pondered that thought and my mind went to the fact that like many others I have ventured too close to the devils territory. Two areas I feel to avoid close contact with are sin and the things of the occult.

The Bible urges us to avoid the near occasion of sin and I think all of us could agree that is a smart idea, yet many choose to get as close to sinful activity as they can, without coming under its hold.

The occult is extremely prevalent today also and many seeking “Spiritual Experiences” are playing too close to the Devil’s playground and innocently are crossing into his domain and falling under his deceptions.

The infiltration of New Age practices, yoga, physic readings, horoscopes, tarot cards, crystals, and even witchcraft practices have muddied the waters of Christianity.

In light of this may I share this prayer with you?

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please search my heart oh God and see if there is any wicked way within me. Show me Father any of my activities which are unpleasing to you, actions that are harmful to me or others, and ones that are damaging to my walk with you. Please show me any deceptions of the enemy or self deceptions that I have fallen prey to, and show to me the way of escape. Father, teach me your ways and give me the strength daily to walk in them. I pray these things in the name of your Son and my Savior, Jesus. AMEN

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