Fear or Faith


Most of us have heard the story about the glass being half full or half empty and we probably have wondered which point of view we identify with. Let’s look at this as Christians and ask the question not whether we are negative or positive in our outlook, but whether we are operating in fear or faith?

When we study end times events and see the terrible news events happening in the world, do we become fearful about these things, or do we become excited to see how God’s plans are going to be possibly unfolded during these times?

When we are faced with sickness or disease, do we become troubled or depressed and concentrate on our symptoms, or do we concentrate on the greatness of our God and His many promises to us concerning our healing and His great love toward us?

When we see the economy struggling and every economic forecast painting doom and gloom on the horizon, do we stockpile food, water, and supplies, or do we rest in the assurance of Jehovah Jirah being our provider, and listen to His input as to any wisdom He might have for us?

These are just a few examples of situations we face in this troubled world. There are more, but the more important questions we face are these:

Have I been born again and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior?

Am I living close to His heart during these troubled times?

Do my life actions reflect fear or faith?

And do I trust in His divine love for me?

It is better to examine our hearts now instead of waiting until we are in the midst of trouble to find out what our hearts will reveal to us.

Beloved, we are greatly loved !

Love, Randy

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