Spring Happenings 2015

Spring Happenings March 24th-April 27th – Neither cold nor rain nor sleet nor snow kept us from Divine Appointments

If you feel like family with us and our ministry you won’t mind knowing that our journey northward started with the wedding of our son and his bride in Georgia on March 29. A special time with all the family – too wonderful for words – and you might not have time to read them. So we’ll let the picture talk.

From Georgia we traveled to North Carolina and enjoyed lunch with the Hewitts who have partnered with us for over thirteen years. That visit was followed by A lovely two day visit to relatives in Liberty,NC. West Virginia was our next stop. We ministered in that state for five years before coming to Florida. The people opened their homes and hearts to us again.

Some of the gals
Women of the Light International was birthed there and so we had a small reunion type gathering in Elkins, West Virginia We also were welcomed to share at the Way of Holiness Church, our former home church. Marie shared a well received teaching and shared a few testimonies from her South Africa mission trip.
One lady who heard about the cataract healing in Africa came up for prayer and was healed! There was more….but we are doing short…. Ok so far?

Black water Falls
Blackwater Falls in Davis, WV-fullest we have ever seen them.
Also in WV, board members and advisers of FMLM met in Canaan Valley for a day long strategic planning session. So much took place as we talked and prayed for Father’s heart to be revealed. We are very encouraged and refueled for this next season of ministry! We will send you updates now and then. Please continue to keep us in prayer for Godly wisdom, favor, and wisdom…yup 2x wisdom needed.

Next Stop – Pennsylvania & Last Stop – New york
Many years ago we were licensed and ordained through My Father’s House Ministry/church – Pastors Bill and Ann Chilcote. We are always welcomed so graciously to their home, heart, and church. They had many confirming prophetic words for us and welcomed us to minister the next morning at the Sunday service. After Randy’s teaching, Marie released several Words of Knowledge that she received for the church. People stayed a long time and waited for prayer – Jesus honored them with His healing love. While in PA we also had the pleasure of connecting with Christine – a precious partner – and her church family.

We haven’t told you…for you weather reporters…. We froze most of the trip…well that’s a bit exaggerated…but it was COLD… even saw snow flurries on April 22 at our last stop – Upper State New York. Here we connected with Frank and Claire Vurraro and their home church gathering. Very special time to meet new brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Knaubs, South Carolina, HOME
One more “last stop” – Bloomsbury, NJ
the home of dear friends and prayer partners, David and Betsy Knaub. A one night stand, but we shared our lives for hours, spent the night, kissed cheeks, and headed south for two more days of driving. UGH!
We felt covered by prayers of the saints, and the mercy and grace of the Lord,

PTL: No accidents, no ungodly incidents, no lack, no sickness, no doubts about direction…..Jesus you are so wonderful!

So, as they say in the cartoons….. Tha Tha That’s all folks.
Now you Know…. hope you enjoyed our 2015 Springtime adventure.

Blessings and Love to you.
Randy and Marie

PS We enjoyed so many of you on this trip we ask forgiveness if you didn’t see your name in “lights”…You are all very special and blessed us so much along the way! Thank You!

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