Pentecost Daily

Some Christians around the world will celebrate, or at least acknowledge Pentecost Sunday this weekend. Often it is not a big holiday celebration – though it well could be. It is all about how hungry you are for Holy Spirit reality in your life. Recently I reflected on this and sensed the Father’s Heart about Pentecost.

For those who hunger daily for revelation of the Presence of God in their life there can be a daily experience of “Pentecost”. This comes as an outpouring of who Holy Spirit is in you and for you. We can see Him helping us in more ways than we can imagine. “Trust Me” I heard Father say. Pentecost was not and is not a one time event. It is ongoing. It is a ” Being filled” experience that is and can be new every morning.”

Let’s desire daily a fresh experience of Holy Spirit. We need His fire burning in us that we may carry the Kingdom Presence of the Lord Jesus every where we go, and give it away to every one we meet. Selah

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