Great Love

A Memorial to Great Love

This memorial day I was remembering the great love shown to us by our God. The Father showed great love to us by sending Jesus to the earth. Jesus showed great love for us by dying on a cross to take away our sins and then He rose from the grave to give mankind an opportunity to be adopted into God’s family by faith in His sacrifice. The Holy Spirit showed great love by coming to live among man and to live within the hearts of those who believe on Jesus as their Savior and Lord. As I thought on these things the Father revealed some wisdom concerning Great Love.

“Great Love is love followed by action. Anyone can attain to my level of love through answering the demands placed upon love. Sometimes the cost is low, sometimes the cost is high. Paying the cost of the demands placed on love is what makes your love great. Not only will the demands be placed on your love, but also on My love which is in you.”

If we want to live a life that is a memorial to the great love showed to us by our God, let us meet the demands of love daily, willing to pay whatever the cost may be.

Remember, God has great confidence in your ability and willingness to pay whatever the demands of love require.

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