An Open Hand

God is certainly a complex being and sometimes living a Christian life can seem complex also.
As I learned in grade school math class, look for the least common denominator. That was the way to make difficult problems easier to figure out.
The least common denominator concerning God and our Christian life can be found in the scripture verse  I John 4:8
                   “He that loveth NOT knoweth not God; for God is love” KJV
Well, love is still a complex topic, so maybe we have to find the least common denominator of love?  Let me propose that the answer is an open hand!
All of God’s nature, which is love, can be represented by the example of an open hand. His nature is exhibited though generosity, forgiveness, and compassion. If we examine the teachings of Jesus, we find He encourages us to live the same lifestyle before men. Unfortunately much of today’s teachings tend to encourage a grasping hand, a type of Christianity that is self centered and self serving; always showing us how to get our desires met.
Jesus came to serve, not to be served. He left that example for us to follow.
Trust me in this, if you will open your hand and give as Jesus taught and demonstrated to us through His life, He will most assuredly extend His hand to give back to you.
You might want to join me in this prayer:
Dear Father,
                  Help me to live a life that reflects your nature into this troubled world. Help me to trust you by opening my hand to extend love in tangible ways to others. Please help me also to keep my hand open that you may fill it again from your loving hand which is ever opened unto me. I trust in your love.
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