Point of Transition

When praying the other day I asked the Father to help me to tune my actions solidly upon the frequency that He wants me to walk in. His response to my request might be as encouraging to you as it was to me.

“If you are not tuned exactly to the right frequency, hearing the transmission can be faint. Also, you could be properly tuned to the exact frequency and still be hearing the transmission only faintly, because you are far from the point of transmission.
Doubt and unbelief can keep you far from the point of transmission and your hearing will be faint, even though the point of transmission is within you, where I have come to dwell and make My home with you. Repent of doubt and unbelief so that My voice may be clearly heard within your heart.”

You may desire to pray this prayer also.

I believe it is your desire to speak with me. Jesus said “My sheep hear my voice”. I want to be a sheep that listens intently to hear your voice. I value your words, they are precious to me. I repent in Jesus’ name of any doubt and unbelief that I may have been harboring concerning hearing your voice and I call upon you now Lord Jesus as my deliverer. Please speak to my heart God, I choose to listen. AMEN

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