Plan Parenthood

Several weeks ago we were invited to attend the 20th annual Loveland Extravaganze at the Venice Theater in Venice, FL. The actors were all handicapped, some more severely than others   All however required special services..  My heart rejoiced over the efforts they made to sing, dance, speak, and perform to a packed house.
The evening provided me with an opportunity to have a closer glimpse of the trials and sorrows some families have gone through over the years when their child needed extra love, care, and encouragement in life. In my quiet time the next day, I  pondered over what I saw and felt that night.  In the light of the news concerning planed parenthood lately, I would like to share the Words I believe came from Father God’s heart.”
“My child, I have a planned purpose for every human being.  No life comes to be without Me.  No one can “plan parenthood”.  They can make decisions not to conceive or to abort what they have conceived….But every living soul has been birthed out of My heart. Even when the birth resulted from the most evil of conceptions methods.  I value life!  No living soul comes into this earth as a surprise to Me.  I have a plan and a purpose for that child’s life even if he or she decides against My wonderful plan.  Their life and existence is valuable to Me.  Yet, I never force My hearts desires on anyone.”
I was curious that Father didn’t comment about the people with “apparent” handicaps.  Could it be that He sees them “perfect”? I pray this word touched your heart and that you would join me in praying for every child to have the right to live and to experience the plan of Father God no matter how “perfect” we may or may not “judge” that child to be.
 God Has a Plan! I got a little taste of it the evening of the Loveland Extravaganza.
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Loving you enough to share today’s “Fresh Bread” from my heart and i believe from Father God,
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