The Simplicity of Being Simple

This is something I would not normally do.  I am sharing my personal journal entry with you today. This is me talking to God. There was a sort of compelling in my spirit to let you share in my thoughts.
Lots of different ideas are swirling in my mind for Fresh Bread reflections.  A sense of Your glory now, Jesus, touching me as my heart is becoming more aware that you have called me simply to BE Your child, Your bride, Your friend.  And I, like so many, have thought that the flip-side is that I must DO “this and that”  to secure our relationship… when all the time I spend trying to figure out what You want me to DO is really wasted time from Your lovely invitation to Be with You.  It’s how You lived daily, Jesus – simply lavishing Your love on Abba…sitting still in His arms and then living His life, His will, His plans as naturally as breathing.
You walked into situations that You had the answers for because you lived each day out of “being” more aware of Father’s heart and love than the size of the need in front of You.  And so, one paralytic guy got healed even when he protested that he couldn’t be healed.  And a crowd was fed from a meager handful of fish and bread. And, the mostly thankless lepers were healed as they walked away.
We are in a season where our souls want direction on what we are to be doing.  My devotional readings lately and the scripture I am munching on all seem to be pointing to the simplicity of simply ” being” for You a child who loves to hang out  with You – getting a feel of Your heart – becoming more concerned about loving You passionately than trying to passionately impress You or others with good works.  Not that “doing” is ruled out, but oh how much more You accomplished, Jesus, from the place of knowing that Your mission was to love people to life; to eternal life with You and Abba. Now, is this right?  Does vision, purpose, direction, wisdom, Godly insight, and come simply  from seeking You …. FOR YOU Jesus, as You did with Abba?
“My Father is always at His work to this very day, and I too am working.  The Son can do nothing by Himself; He can only do what He sees the Father doing because whatever the Father does the son also does” Jn5:17-19.
And in another place, Jesus, You said You would only speak what You heard from Abba.  You know that all my life this level of intimacy with You has been my heart’s desire – to live in this realm even on the “noisy” days, where there is no place to escape to for natural quietness of body, soul, or spirit. Can I build a prayer closet in my spirit that I can run to? Please show me how.  I want to BE and then DO.
Well, that’s it…. perhaps this will speak to your heart. Feel free to chat with me about this….
Loving you and the Lord
His Shepherd Girl Marie Smith
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