Without a Shadow of a Doubt

Before I share today’s Fresh Bread I would like to thank all of you for your interesting responses to my previous message about the “guy at home”. Most agreed that he also came to believe in Jesus. Some of you had other thoughts. Your input was fun! Thanks again.
Without a Shadow of Doubt
One day recently, as I began a new week, I asked the Lord to take me by the hand and to lead me into places in His heart where I could know Him more. This request to walk in a deeper level of intimacy with Him was birthed out of a restless inner sense of a need for direction and a fresh focus in my life and ministry. “Lord,” I said, “I trust you.”

I began to hear His still small voice rather loudly. I share this word for your discernment and hopefully encouragement.

“It has always been My will and My plan for My children to know
without a shadow of a doubt that they can trust Me.
I will lead, guide, and provide ALL that is needed to fulfill My dreams and plans for their life. Unfortunately, many take what I have shown them or called them to do, and then, in their own strength, they attempt to carry out My will.

My own Son, Jesus, said that He could do nothing by Himself. He could only do what He saw Me doing.

This is the same M.O. for all My children. It just takes some people longer to understand that the best laid plans of humans, as they try to walk out My will for their lives, often end up in wasted energy, lost time, and frustration.”

As I thought on His words I sensed that He was giving me a precious insight.

Truly more happens in quiet stillness – waiting on Him; than in stress filled busyness, tying to figure out His plan.
Without a Shadow of a Doubt we can trust Him!
Especially when nothing else in life makes sense!

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