Come Lord Jesus

On September 27th there was a full blood moon.Clouds covered our backyard view of it – but it happened anyway.  This blood moon was the fourth in a series. Prophetically, there were many thoughts about this “event”. I heard that some Rabbinic scholars in Israel believed their Messiah would come. Many Christians hoped the second coming of Jesus would be on that night. The “Catching away ” would get them “outta here”.

I didn’t hold either hope, so I wasn’t disappointed. As I continued to reflect, my thought was that perhaps I am looking for the coming of Jesus in many ways on many days. So I sat back and talked to the Lord awhile. I’m going to invite you “listen in”

“Jesus, You come every morning. I wake up and I can breathe, see, hear, walk, and talk because of You.  It is by Your coming with mercy, grace, forgiveness, and peace

daily… that I am caught up in You…looking for Your appearing in everything I say and do.  Expecting You to  come with wisdom, direction, strength, the fruit and gifts of Your Holy Spirit and more.

Yes, “Come Lord Jesus” is my cry. However, I’m not as motivated by desires of escaping  the hardships of mortal living, as out of a deep hunger and desire to simply be enraptured by Your presence; Your abiding presence, even in the daily “coming” of the sunrises and sunsets.

I love looking at the clouds. The big fluffy ones layered like heavenly towers always catch me looking, just in-case your coming “in the clouds is “literal”….  Scripture Reference

As for me, I want to be so aware of the hundreds of ways you come to me each day and how you reveal your truth, love, and kindness to me.

 It will be awesome to see You in the clouds or in a manner that“Every eye will behold You”   some day. But for now, while I still need to walk on terra firma and take one step at a time… Will You come and reveal more of Your heart to me for the lost, the poor, the sick and suffering people who don’t know that You have come for them already, let alone that You are coming again? Come more Lord Jesus into my thoughts, words, emotions, dreams, and visions.”
Come Lord Jesus” is a phrase I have heard prayed  for over 35 years. While many prayed out of a great passion to see Jesus “face to face”; at times the fervent prayer sounded like what they really wanted was an escape from this world.

Today, my “Come Lord Jesus” is multifaceted like the diamond on my wedding ring. Many rays of colors and light bounce off it depending upon the light that shines on it.

Oh, “Come Lord Jesus” and make me, make us – a light to the nations, a voice crying in the wilderness seasons… Blessed be the Name of the Lord.. Maranatha,  even so “Come Lord Jesus.”

It is my prayer that Jesus has “come” to you in this my personal reflection today.
I am not creating a false doctrine…. remember I am simply His Shepherd Girl traveling with you, trusting Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth…and I have not “arrived”.
Keeping it simple,
Loving the Lord and  you as I watch for His coming. Mark 13 is a great read
Marie Smith
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