Kairos in Three Parts


Part One   Down, but certainly not out!


I arrived at the prison along with the Kairos team around 1:30 PM on Thursday November 5th. That evening we met the Kairos #35 participants. I found this group of men to be very open and trusting of us.  The first day  was all about getting the inmates to feel safe around us, and God did that right from the start. I always listen to the leading of the Spirit during the introductions. I try to be sensitive to the one or more that the Holy Spirit would want me to get to know and He showed me my assignments. On that  first night I had the chapel homily and shared about the parable of the prodigal son. So, the last thing they heard before going to bed for the evening was that the Father was looking forward to His son coming home to Him.
Friday morning things went well till about one in the afternoon. I got very sick and had to go back to the church where the team and I were staying at night.  I had no ministry assignments on Friday, so that was a blessing. All afternoon I was sick but I was able to do some intercession for the weekend and also for that local church. I really felt a heavy burden for that congregation.
 I was down but certainly not out!

On Saturday I was back on duty, although I felt kinda weak. On this night I ministered the final talk on forgiveness. I really felt God’s hand on me. Your prayers availed much power. It was truly a powerful mighty time as the men forgave all those whom God had placed on their hearts to forgive. I only wish you could have seen the brokenness in many of them,and the redemption they received by coming to the cross. Sunday morning was my last ministry assignment. I prayed a prayer for the men for the healing of hurtful memories.

Many of you committed to pray for this outreach. Slips of paper with the names of the people praying created a prayer chain. This chain encircled the community room walls about one and a third times. It really made a big impact on the men to read the names of people from all over this country and overseas who were praying for them.

So what about the fruit? First of all, I must say that of all the Kairos teams I have been on, I believe God richly blessed all the team members on this weekend with their individual ministry assignments in a very special way. Also, of twenty four men participating in Kairos#35 there were lives recommitted to the Lord and from what I observed through their testimonies, I think I could safely say there were between ten to fifteen men who truly had a heart conversion and who placed their faith in Jesus for the first time in their lives. Of these, three men, during the weekend really opened up to me about their past. This was not the norm, but I believe it was the result of such wonderful prayer cover. Many of you participated in this weekend through your prayers and donations, and fruit has been credited to your account before God. May God Bless you for your faithfulness. 
Part Two    I’m a piece of crap
I was blessed to have two “one on one” clergy sessions with an inmate I will call John for confidentiality reasons. John is the type of prisoner that many of the other prisoners are fearful of, and they stay far away from him. He has been transferred between many prisons for being a trouble maker and he has spent a lot of time in solitary confinement. The Holy Spirit pointed him out to me during the introductions on Thursday afternoon. I learned that he would be returning to the outside world in the near future and he expressed that he needed some hope. I was really excited to offer him the greatest hope available, Jesus. As I sat face to-face with this rough looking man, I was moved with compassion for him. I felt the love of a father for a son. I let him know that I loved him and that I accepted him for who he is and not for what he has done.
I let him know that Father God felt the same way about him. John had tears stream down his face as he said, I’m a piece of crap, how can God love me!
I ministered truth to him and led him in a prayer to renounce the lie that he was a “piece of crap,”and I helped him to pray by faith that he was precious to God because Jesus had redeemed him by the shedding of his precious blood.
I Peter chapter 1 verses 18 and 19. 

John told me about special people that had taken an interest in him, and that it was a miracle that he ended up at this prison, and that he would again be given the chance to enter society. I let him know that was Father’s love for him that sent those special people into his life, and it was Father who had made me be drawn to him. He was not ready to give his heart over to Jesus mainly for fear that he would fail and disappoint God. He said, “I would feel more comfortable in a strip club or a bar than in a church.” I said “That’s reasonable,since that is all you are familiar with.'” ” Church will feel strange to you at first.” Then I shared with him about the Robert Frost poem of the man in the woods who came to the fork in the road and took the road less traveled. I let John know that he has taken the road most traveled by many in this world. He has gone down that road without God many times and many times he has made a mess of things. Now you are right back here at the fork in the road. I said, I think you are smart enough to know you need to take the road less traveled this time; the road where God is, and He will walk with you down that road.
 John promised to go to church when he gets out and to reconnect with one of those special people who took an interest in him. There’s a pastor in that group too.  Pray for John, God knows who he is and God knows he is very worthy of all our prayers.
Part Three   Who’s the prisoner?
Having been in prison many times and making observations of the Christians I have seen there, I can’t help but make a comparison between them and the Christians I see around me in the various places that I travel. People get saved here in the outside Free World, and many live lives that show little fruit of being Christian. It seems that these free Christians continue doing their own thing, following their own plans for their life, and they have a preoccupation with being blessed, having mountaintop spiritual experiences, and hoping in The Great Escape; the rapture, being the end to a world of trouble.

The imprisoned Christians that I have witnessed over the past several years get saved, and immediately following God’s will becomes foremost in their thoughts. They dive into the Bible to learn of God and they worship with much joy. They enjoy the mountaintop experiences but they realize that the work of the Kingdom of God takes place down in the valley with the lost. They spend little time thinking about The Great Escape, but they instead put their energies into fulfilling The Great Commission. They personally reach out in love to their enemies, and they are persistent in their efforts.
This begs the question concerning those inside the prison or out in the free world, Who’s the prisoner?                                                                                                                             
I hope these three reports have blessed you and possibly changed your perspective concerning prisoners, especially those who are also your brothers in Christ.

My participation in Kairos #35 and in fact all of our work is possible because of your loving and constant support of Feed My Lambs. Bless you for walking beside us as we continue to carry the Father’s love to those who need it.

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