Personally, and as a Ministry, we place a high value on relationship. Here in Florida, we are blessed to have developed sincere friendships with individuals and local ministries.  We would like to introduce you to several ministries/ or areas to which we are also connected to relationally.  Check out their websites, Facebook pages and see how you might be blessed by the Kingdom work they are doing for the Glory of God.





Pastor Randy

Pastor Randy and his wife, Pastor Hope, with daughter Naomi. an anointed family blessing us and so many others.

 Pastor Randy Burt – A church with a heart an a vision to see the body of Christ enjoy wholeness in His Presence. At New Life, we found a church home here in Florida which has blessed and strengthened us and stood with us in tough times and in the victories of our life.  

   Link to  New Life AG



he Evans Ministries

The Evans Ministries

Dick and Dianne Evans

Dick and Dianne Evans, founders of The Evans Ministries, became Healing Evangelists after Dianne’s miraculous healing from Crones disease.  Although dianne has gone on to be with the Lord after a battle with cancer, Dick continues to  believe and obey in faith Jesus’ mandate to lay  hands on the sick(according to Mark 16) and the sick are healed.  Demons leave, sickness, pain and suffering goes in Jesus’ Name. Dick also flows in a  prophetic gifting.  He now resides in Kentucky in the summer and for  portion of each year here in Florida so we have wonderful times of sharing together about the Bigness of our God!






Restored Life Ministries

Thom and Carol Gardner and us

Thom and Carol Gardner and us

Thom Gardner was an inspiration for our  Restoration Prayer Ministry.  His ministry blessed us into greater wholeness and intimacy with the Father many years ago and today we are happy to be ministering life to others.  Be sure to check out Thom’s resource store on his website.



My Father’s House

Pastors Bill and Ann Chilcote

My Father’s House Ministries International  is  a congregation called to go deeper into their relationship with God. It is their desire to go beyond religion and discover the reality of a loving God.  Pastors Bill and Anne Chilcote recognized the call of God on our life, the gifting of the Holy Spirit, and the fruit of our ministry.  As a result in 2003 they traveled to us in West Virginia and in a lovely gathering of our friends they ordained us into the ministry.  We appreciate them very much and invite you visit their church if you are ever in the McConellsburg, PA area.




Thanksgiving and Praise House

Frank and Claire Vurraro

Randy praying over Frank and Claire during their ordination

We were introduced to Frank and Claire Vurraro several years ago. Through many decades, this dedicated couple has opened their home and shown hospitality to hundreds of people.  More importantly they have ministered the Father’s love and the delivering, healing power of Jesus to them in the process. A home church group has been an on going ministry for thirty years. . We were asked and honored to ordain the Vurraros  in 2010, providing Apostolic love and covering. We are always at home when we have opportunities to visit and minister with Frank and Claire. There are new and wonderful ministry developments in this season and we are excited for them.




West Virginia

West Virginia Ministry

West Virginia Ministry

In 2002 Father God sovereignly called us to move from Massachusetts to West Virginia. We had no contacts there, knew no one, had no idea why we were to move there.  But we did.  It did not take too long to discover that while many of the people there needed a revelation of Father God’s unconditional love for them; they were a people who knew how to welcome strangers.  In the five years we ministered there we developed relationships which made us feel like family.  Women of the Light international was birthed there, Restoration Prayer Ministry was birthed there.  Doors were open to Feed My Lambs Ministries to share about the Father’s Love!

One ministry we are in a close relationship with is Tender Loving Care Ministries/ Church  – Pastor Sabrina Haugh – 747  Four States Rd., Worthington, WV . Both Randy and Marie have been blessed to minister at Pastor Sabrina’s church. If you are ever in the area do drop in to a Sunday service where you will experience God’s love and forgiveness ministered to your through such power and compassion.
At Faith Mountain in West Virginia,  Marie was blessed and had fun being a guest speaker at two very special ladies retreats.

Other Ministries with which we are in relationship and we encourage you to visit their web sites are:

Heart of the Father Ministries – Neal Lozano  – Neal’s book , Unbound, and his training seminars also added to the ministry we provide for others

Bless the Children – Joy Dull – Joy reaches out in many loving and practical ways to poor villages in Uganda.

Shiloh House Ministries  – Richard and Debra Walsh – Ministering in power to set the captives free and bind up the broken hearts.

Debra and Rich Walsh

Debra and Rich Walsh

You can find them on Facebook under Shiloh House Ministries



Randy and Marie invite you to pray about having a real personal relationship with Jesus.  We would be glad to share about His love for you. 
Please feel free to CONTACT US TODAY  Steps to salvation are not difficult.  Repent of your sins, put your faith in Jesus’ love and forgiveness, accept His death and resurrection that paid the price for you to enter into relationship with God the Father by the Holy Spirit. And you will be born again.  Contact us and we will pray with you too.  Seek out other Believers, read the New Testament, and find a good church that you can connect with other Christians and receive Biblical teachings and love.