Fresh Bread Reflections


Once upon a time…. I  couldn’t hear. Oh, I wasn’t physically deaf but I was very spiritually deaf.  I didn’t know the Good Shepherd said, “My sheep hear My voice”..When I became still and learned to close off the noise of the world, I began to hear.  The Voice of my Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit became more clear. I recognize the Voice of my beloved and tune my heart to hear.  I love those times of sitting quietly in the Presence of the Lord, meditating on His word and surrounded by His love.  It is from that place of soaking safely in His arms that I have heard heavenly words that have given me such refreshing, wisdom, peace, joy and so much more.  Out of those times of intimacy I have been nudged to write and share with you the essence of truth, love, hope and what ever insight Father gives. I encourage you to listen to His heart in these Fresh Bread Reflections and be not deaf to His voice any longer.  He loves you and is talking to you even now.  Listen.

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