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Books you will enjoy while you wait for others that are in the publishing process.

A wonderful story with a legendary feel

A Christmas story for all seasons by Randy Smith


Women of the light

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My Special Gift now in German language

My Special Gift now in German language

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My Special Gift Kindle Version                                    Fresh Bread – Manna for the Hungry Soul.  (cover is different)



Listening prayer and quiet reflecting has long been a practice for us.  In these times of pondering over scriptures, life, Godly impressions, or hearing the still small voice of the Lord, we have written Reflections for others to enjoy. Randy’s Reflections are written under the title of  Beside Still Waters – painting a picture of his times of being at peace and at rest in the Father’s presence.

Marie’s Reflections are “baked” up in the kitchen of the Father’s loving Presence and written as “Fresh Bread” – morsels, bites, and whole loaves of love and encouragement.Times of waiting in the Presence of our loving Father God has also birthed the two books showcased above,  which will open up to you a whole new level of “reflecting” in your own personal time with the Lord.

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