Restoration Prayer Ministry

star Tired of dragging the old you into your Christian walk?
star Are you working overtime to forget the past?
star Do your reactions to present day pressures of life often seem out of proportion to the situation?
star Is rejection, hopelessness, fear, insecurity, worthlessness, shame, or defilement something you face nearly every day?
star Are you ready to walk in victory over the lies of the enemy?
handcuffs3 Then Restoration Prayer will provide you with great freedom! Lives are being changed in the presence of the Lord as we spend quality time praying with each individual. On a larger scale, teaching and equipping seminars are available to those people interested both in personally receiving ministry and in giving away the Father’s restoring love to others.

In the Spirit of Isaiah 61:1,

the Lord is:
Binding up the brokenhearted

Setting the Captives Free

Restoring emotional sight to those who have been blind-sided by pain

Here’s some feedback others have shared after their personal prayer time:
  • “Sixty seven years I have carried this emotional pain!” “Now I am free.”
  • “Fifty years I’ve believed a lie.” Now I have experienced truth”.
  • “I am experiencing the most peace I have ever known in my whole life.”
  • “My wife is a changed woman since you prayed for her!”
  • “I can sleep at night now without fear.”
To learn more about Personal Restoration Prayer and the Truth about Judgement Download the following free brochures:

Located in Florida, this apostolic ministry is carrying the message of the Father’s love, offering Restoration Prayer ministry, and raising up, teaching, and equipping believers and ministries to walk into their destiny…CONTACT US