The truth about judgment

Judging… Is it right for us to judge?

Not sure of the Answer? Maybe this Information will help you to decide.
What would it be like living your life handcuffed to another person? Life would be very difficult because you would be hindered by the other person. Anytime you tried to make a move, the other person would be holding you back.

Picture1handcuffedNegative words or thoughts about others can actually become judgments. They then serve as handcuffs to bind us to those we have judged.  Because we have bound another to be under justice, we have also bound ourselves to be under justice. The only way to get rid of the handcuffs is to repent of our judgments, so that we and those  we have judged may walk free to experience the mercy of our God.

We Like to Judge!

Let’s face it we like to judge. Judging is a part of our culture, even a big part of our entertainment. We love watching courtroom dramas, beauty pageants, reality shows, and sporting events that allow us to participate in judging. If anyone comes up to you and says that you shouldn’t judge, immediately the average person will respond “I have a right to judge.” Let’s see what the Bible has to say about judging.

The bible says we are to judge. It also says we are not to judge!

Let’s get to the truth that the Bible is revealing to us; Yes, we can judge.

First Corinthians 6 speaks about judging within the church. The Greek word here for judge is Diakrino. Simply stated it is to discern.

God realizes there is a need among His people to properly discern between good and evil and between right and wrong behavior, especially among believers within the church.

If someone does something wrong, particularly if that action pertains to you, you can judge that behavior as wrong. You are discerning in that situation. Now, after you discerned it correctly, what are you to do? Jesus said, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Matt. 7:1

You might get confused here about judging, so let me tell you that this scripture uses a different word for judging . The Greek word for judge here is Krino. It means to distinguish, decide, to try, condemn, punish, and to avenge.

This type of  judging is the kind that  people love to do and we do it so well.

  • Someone cuts in front of you while your driving and you immediately have a few choice words to say about him.
  • Your boss doesn’t compliment you on a job well done and immediately you judge his performance as a supervisor.
  • Or how about growing up? Your parents treated you a certain way, and you made a judgment in your heart toward them by saying; “I’ll never be like my parents.” All these cases involve judging, the passing of judgment upon someone.

Your judgment can lock both you and the person you judge into life long negative behaviors and deep emotional pain.

Jesus warns, “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”  Matt. 7:2

This scripture should be enough of a warning from Jesus to keep us miles away from judging one another. Sadly it hasn’t been, and judging has hurt us all tremendously.

The Bible tells us; “Whatever a man sows, that will he reap.” Gal. 6:7 In today’s vernacular we say, “What goes around, comes around.”

I believe most people know that when they have sinned and offended God they deserve judgment. However, they pray for God to be merciful to them. By judging another, we are calling for them to receive what they deserve, and in doing so, we are letting God know that we should also get what we deserve. The smart thing to do is leave all judgment to God and make a choice to walk in mercy towards others.

“Mercy triumphs over judgment.” James 2:13b

When we walk in mercy toward those who have offended us or even sinned against us, we are walking in the triumph that Jesus won for us at the cross.  God intended for us to walk in mercy from the beginning. Repenting of judgments we have made toward others frees us to become all that God has created us to be. In turn, it can actually free up and bring about changes in the people we have judged.

Here is a prayer model:  “Father please forgive me for judging ___________ (name the person) for __________________ ( a specific behavior or action)  I choose to forgive…….. and I ask you to release ___________ and myself from the effects of this judgment and cause the words of this judgment to bear no more fruit  in Jesus’ Name. Amen”

You may want to ask Holy Spirit to reveal the “list” of judgments He knows which are keeping you shackled to the past and keeping you from living in victory.


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