Fresh Bread – the book

Women of the Light

Women of the light

I am passionate for Jesus!  There is nothing more I love to do than to be still in His awesome presence.  In these times I have learned to pour out my love, my gratitude, my joy, and also my honest expressions of frustration, fear, sadness…  He hears me.  He likes for me to be honest and real with Him.  I often express myself by writing in my journal. 

Over the years I have compiled dozens of diary type journals.  Several years ago I learned about listening prayer/conversation.  Before that time I hardly ever stopped to ask my Abba, Father God if He had any thing to say.  NOW I DO!  I listen to his voice because Jesus said His sheep would hear His voice. Out of these precious times of intimacy Fresh Bread – Manna for the Hungry Soul was birthed. The words came right from the Father’s heart exactly when I needed the encouragement, the peace, the assurance of His love and presence.  Jesus nudged me to share His truth and love with all of you. This little pocket size book has touched many lives and given hope, peace, and a fresh sense of God’s love at just the right time.. to purchase your copy click the link under the cover.  To download the book to your tablet please click here

New reflections/Fresh Bread articles/ prophetic words, will be posted  on the “Fresh Bread Reflections” page approximately twice a month.




Women of the Light International  is an initiative of Feed My Lamb Ministries and is shedding light on the darkness and releasing hope and joy to women.